We understand the importance of keeping your facility online. Process equipment downtime can cost millions in revenue each day, so keeping this equipment running efficiently and safely is a priority.
When a failure occurs, our skilled refractory crews are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, so we’re ready when you need us. services1And typically, you won’t have to wait for your materials, since we have the largest inventory of refractory products in the Mid-South.
While we’re able to work fast to minimize your downtime, we also provide high-quality work, which we stand behind. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to do the job right, and our commitment to safety protects our workers and your facility.
We’re experienced providing refractory repair services in the following areas:

  • Aluminum Furnace Linings
  • Industrial Furnace Repair
  • Heat Treating Furnaces
  • services2Reheat Furnaces
  • Rotary Kiln Linings
  • Tunnel and Shuttle Kilns
  • Dryer and Combustion Chambers
  • Refractory Boiler Settings
  • Incinerator Rebuilds
  • Stack and Duct Linings
  • Ladle and Crucible Linings
  • All Types of New Construction
  • Pumpable Insulation
  • Refractory Shotcrete and Pumping
  • Ceramic Fiber Installations
  • Acid-Proof Brickwork
  • Pre-Crete Corrosion Resistant Linings
  • Gunite Construction
  • Abrasion-Resistant Tile Linings
  • Dservices3emolition By Hand and Sub-Contactor by KT-Grant
  • In Plant Maintenance Program
  • Hot work Repairs

Everything You Need for Your Project

Heat-processing equipment at manufacturing facilities is a capital-intensive investment. The proper use of refractories during new construction is vital for protecting and preserving the life of your valuable industrial processing equipment.

During the construction process, we understand your need to balance safety, cost-effectiveness, and speed. For every new construction project, the Southeastern team’s technical expertise, our supplier relationships and distribution capabilities, and our commitment to safety, ensures that you’ll have a safe job site, get your products quickly, and have them installed in the most effective manner.

Wservices5hile we’re not always the lowest upfront bidder, we understand how to do the job right, which means you’ll get
the most cost-effective refractories solution over the total life of your equipment. We’re able to bond even the largest jobs, which gives you the comfort that it will be completed as promised.

The proof is in our track record: over 98% of our customers continue to do business with us after our first project.

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